Jay Friedman Talks New Book on Money for Lunch (Audio Interview)

Our president Jay Friedman appeared on Bert Martinez’s Money for Lunch Blog Talk Radio last Tuesday where he discussed key digital advertising trends, how he came to be a digital media expert, and his newly launched book, Prove Your Advertising Works. The book is the definitive handbook for CMOs and advertisers everywhere to discuss digital advertising’s impact on the bottom line with the rest of the C-suite. Download Prove Your Advertising Works e-book for free. Or buy the paperback version at Amazon. What was Jay’s inspiration behind this guide? Jay said the idea stemmed from CMOs and advertisers across the digital advertising landscape who kept telling him they longed for a blueprint on how to show the C-suite — CEOs, CFOs, and the like — just how measurable digital advertising is and how it can be an important driver of growth and financial success for any organization. After having this conversation time and again, Jay took it as a sign. He realized he was in the unique position with the necessary knowledge and ability to actually make this wished-for blueprint happen, and the book was born. Listen to or download Jay’s Money for Lunch audio interview here: During the course of this approximate 30-minute audio interview, Bert asks him a number of tough questions that are top of mind for all digital advertisers today. Take a listen and hear what Jay has to say on these topics:

  • What are the biggest challenges brands and advertisers face?
  • What steps can you take to reach and connect with your target audience, and your true audience?
  • How can advertising convert customers, and how can you get the most return on the advertising you pay for?
  • How do you know you’re spending your advertising budget in the right way for desired results? And if you get those desired results, could they still be better?
  • Lastly, was this biggie – If you have a good message and good creative, aren’t those enough for your advertising to succeed? (No, unfortunately, Jay says there’s still a missing piece.) Hear what that is and why you need it to be efficient, save money, and be more successful.

How positive are you that you’re spending your ad budget the right way? Whether you’re not at all positive or just a little unsure, that’s where Goodway can help: Digital advertising is extremely measurable now. Let us help you get more from your advertising. We can roll up our sleeves, dive in, and offer you the straightforward advice, guidance, and knowledge you need to make the right data-driven decisions so your business can flourish.

Jay Friedman Talks Trust in Digital Advertising at DMEXCO 2019 (Video)

Our president Jay Friedman recently spoke to Pixalate, a data platform built to bring transparency to programmatic advertising, about trust in digital advertising at the Digital Marketing Expo & Conference (DMEXCO 2019), Europe’s largest annual digital marketing and advertising trade fair and conference. How does the digital ad industry regain trust? And what policies should you employ to navigate the millions of apps on the app store? When Pixalate posed these two questions to Jay, how did he answer? Watch this short DMEXCO 2019 video interview to find out. Jay talks about the two digital advertising hot topics trust boils down to now. Plus, he shares the three areas of transparency marketers are concerned with today and just how you can bring peace of mind and build confidence. As for navigating those millions of apps? Short answer: Jay says not to worry about it. Watch and learn what he says you should do now instead. The digital advertising industry is unpredictable and always wildly changing. Do you have a grip on how your ads are served? Where they’re running? What you’re paying for? How to even prove your advertising is working? That’s where we come in. We can help. Read our blog for the expert advice and up-to-date industry news you need most. Or we can coach you, give you the ahead-of-the-curve answers to all your pressing digital media questions and the straightforward data-driven digital advertising solutions you’ve been looking for.

What Google’s New Search Metrics Mean for Your Ad Campaigns

Google recently announced plans to sunset its average position metric, previously used by advertisers to determine where their ad is shown in a search engine results page (SERP). To replace average position, Google recently released four new prominence metrics that better measure SERP visibility — absolute top impression rate, top impression rate, search absolute top impression share and search top impression share. While this change is exciting, how will Google’s new search metrics impact your ad campaigns? We’re one step ahead with all the answers you need.

Google’s New Search Metrics Defined

  • Absolute Top Impression Rate — the percentage of ad impressions that resulted from your ad appearing in the very first ad space on the SERP
  • Search Absolute Top Impression Share — the number of impressions you’ve received from your ad appearing in the absolute top location compared to the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive in the absolute top location
  • Top Impression Rate — the percentage of ad impressions that resulted from your ad appearing anywhere above the organic search results
  • Search Top Impression Share — the number of impressions you’ve received from your ad appearing in any top location compared to the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive in the top location

Why is Google sunsetting average position?

The average position metric was designed to let advertisers know where their ads stand in ad auctions compared to other ads, not necessarily where they will appear on the SERP or which position offers you the best opportunity to maximize performance. In addition, new ad formats and devices have made defining average position more difficult in recent years. Google’s new search metrics offer advertisers a better gauge on their ad’s actual reach potential and a more accurate view of the ad’s position within the ad auction.

Who could be impacted by these changes?

Any advertiser running mobile or desktop paid search campaigns on Google.

When will these changes happen?

Starting late September 2019, Google will no longer report on average position for any advertiser.

How can you best leverage Google’s new search metrics results?

To get a better picture of your ad’s location, use the absolute top impression rate and top impression rate metrics. Whereas, search absolute top impression share and search top impression share will help you determine if there is any possibility for your ad to reach the top or absolute top of the SERP and optimize your bid for the position in which it has the best chance to convert.

What should you do to ensure your campaigns continue performing well?

While you should be aware of this change, there is no action needed from you at this time. Google makes changes to its advertising metrics and platforms throughout the year. As a trusted partner in digital media, we are always ahead of the curve to ensure our clients’ campaigns are running as efficiently as possible. Continue to be among the first to hear about what’s trending in the industry and get expert advice on what it means for advertisers. Subscribe to our blog and keep up with the latest topics and changes in programmatic media.

Goodway Group Celebrates 90 Years: A Chat With CEO Dave Wolk

Goodway Group celebrates 90 years, and though our business has dramatically changed and evolved over the past nine decades, one element has stayed consistent: We’re groundbreakers. We have and always will offer the most innovative, cutting-edge marketing solutions, technology, expertise and service available no matter the time period. In honor of Goodway’s milestone ninetieth anniversary, our CEO Dave Wolk gives a behind-the-scenes look at his family business – the personalities, lessons and events that have shaped Goodway’s history and made it into the successful global digital advertising partner it is today.


Goodway Group Celebrates 90 Pull Quote 1Treat Everyone Like Family

Everything in my grandfather’s life was about family more than the business. He taught me to love and take care of family and always impressed upon me that there wasn’t much difference between blood family and work family. My uncle always treated his managers and banking partners like family too, taking them on fishing trips or inviting them to his home. He built amazing friendships, and that always impressed me.

Be Creative. Think Big. Think Out of the Box.

My dad was a dynamo and creative wonder, so fearless about chasing his dreams. Marketing was his hobby and his life. He loved marketing and advertising more than anyone I know. His charisma, his enthusiasm permeated any room, and his 24/7 attention to business became one of Goodway’s competitive advantages. Both my dad and uncle dared me to be great and gave me the confidence to pursue opportunities well beyond the scope of what I could ever imagine. They taught me to always think big (conquer the universe, not just the world), brainstorm and go for the outrageous promotion or the biggest opportunity.

Work Hard, Play Hard

My uncle was a pipe-smoking financial and operational wizard. He was a fierce negotiator and taught me what a good, healthy business does to be successful. I learned a lot from him when I was young, and he always guided me in the right direction. In fact, I still learn from him today when we catch up about business. He was also my fun uncle. He had great hobbies (fishing, skiing, boating, racing, flying, horseback riding, hunting, golfing, the list goes on and on) and loved adventure. I am grateful he took me along for the ride.


Poetry in Motion

Every trip with my dad to a major brand and new city was an adventure for me. We covered many cities and clients, and I looked forward to each trip and the chance to get out of the office. Seeing my dad pitch a room was like poetry in motion. We would get an audience with a Fortune 500 CMO and close the deal, often on the first trip, my dad pitching and then me implementing the plans. That was such a thrill for me. One time, we went to a General Electric (GE) meeting with their field team, and after my dad’s pitch, everyone lined up around the room to sign up for our program.

Goin’ Fishin’

Some of my best memories with my dad and uncle were taking print customers out fishing every Saturday in the summer in south Jersey. I was young and had the job of being first mate. Every trip, I would bet my cousin who would get seasick first. Our job was to clean up the deck and care for those who got sick. When you get seasick, it’s like having the flu. So many of our guests would suffer with seasickness, but the minute we got back to the dock, they were ready to go on another weekend trip. That was the lure of a good fishing trip in the Atlantic.

Santa’s Unexpected Arrival

When I was very young, my dad always thought big and used to throw a Christmas party each year for the Goodway employees and families at our Philadelphia plant. His idea of big was having Santa Claus land his helicopter on the front lawn of the plant and then hand out toys. Everyone didn’t know what to be more excited about, seeing a helicopter up close or getting goodies.


Goodway Group Celebrates 90 Pull Quote 2Shock and Awe

My grandfather recognized my dad’s and uncle’s intense entrepreneurial spirits and helped them chase their business dreams. He was very proud of how they grew the business so rapidly when they came aboard. Unfortunately, I never got to work with my grandfather since he retired long before I started working. But I remember when I landed my first million-dollar print promotion and told him about it. He was very proud and amazed. He was used to selling smaller contracts, and this million-dollar deal really shocked him. As Goodway Group celebrates 90 years, I know he would be in total awe of what we have accomplished today with our complete transformation from print to digital advertising.


A Blizzard to Remember

When I first started working, we often went to Detroit to sell the Big Three. My dad always rented big luxury cars like Lincoln Continentals. One time, we landed in a blizzard and somehow made it to Chrysler headquarters in Highland Park. We skidded on 75, and I thought we were going to get mangled. My dad kept saying, “Keep driving; keep going.” When we got there, only a few cars were in the lot, even though Detroit clients were used to snowy conditions. As luck would have it, the Dodge CMO made it in, and with so few people in the building, we got to meet with him. He couldn’t believe we had made it in from Philadelphia when employees did not make it in from local towns. We had a great meeting, which led to our biggest multi-million-dollar print promotion job in our history to launch the Dodge Caravan.

NOT a Drill

We often had fire drills at our headquarters, and everyone would vacate except for my dad and me. One day, unbeknownst to us, one of those drills could have turned deadly due to a gas leak, which I smelled. I pushed my dad to leave the office, but he wouldn’t do it. Then five fully suited firemen came in and escorted my dad out. That’s what it took to take him from his work. Needless to say, no one could accuse him of not having a solid work ethic.

Goodway Vs. the Fire

We hit a low point in the 1940s when a fire leveled one of our printing plants. My dad, uncle and grandfather drove up to the plant in the middle of the winter, and the fire hose streams froze up. It was traumatic and almost put us out of business. Fortunately, they did wind up salvaging the printing equipment, which was great news since during the war, you couldn’t get parts. We were lucky enough to reopen by a publisher who gave us a variety of business that helped us expand our client base.


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Goodway Group Celebrates 90 Pull Quote 3I want every Goodway employee to have a good work-life balance – to have time for their family life and other passions – and to always be challenged to learn new skills, build their brands and rise in the company to do whatever they desire. As Goodway continues to grow, I want our team to still feel like family, caring for one another, no matter how large, how global we get. I want Goodway’s essence to flicker on in everyone who picks up the drumbeat of my family’s long-ago dream, in everyone who continues to stoke it and carry it forward into a future of Goodway milestones that today are still beyond our wildest imaginings. And in that future, no matter the year – 2029, 2049, 2069 and beyond – I want us to be there ready: ready with our sleeves rolled up, ready to transform and innovate at the forefront of our industry, ready to dig in and break new ground.